“Dr. Swartz is exceptional as he is very thorough, very good at diagnosing your problems, and you will not find a doctor with a better bed-side manner. He listens and teams with you to find the best treatment. You simply will not find a better doctor or someone who genuinely cares as much.” – Stan Shreve 

“To All My Patients,
For a while now,  I have heard the calling to be more of a leader and to help the DPC world in a bigger way but have suppressed my urge to do so.  These calls became louder, to the point where I was open to a sign from above to see if I should take that jump.  The biggest sign was finding a doctor, whom I trust, to either be my partner or take over my practice.  Recently, Dr. Dan Swartz, MD found his way to my office.  This doctor is exceptionally trained in Family Medicine, even working for the Mayo Clinic for years.  Recently, he has been a professor in medicine at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine and a faculty member at Lynchburg Family Medicine.  Even more importantly, he gets Direct Primary Care.  He has a wonderful and caring personality and impressed me so much that I realized he is the guy… I have decided that I am going to let Dr. Swartz take over my practice starting October 1, 2020… That is how much I trust him… He is a great doctor who is already embedded in the community.  He is NOT going anywhere.  He is committed to giving the same great care you expect at Forest DPC… And remember, I wouldn’t let your care go in the hands of someone I didn’t trust 100%.  That is a promise.” – Dr. Doug Farrago

Dr. Swartz & Dr. Farrago confirming the sale of Forest Direct Primary Care

“Dr. Dan blends enthusiasm and compassion with a really healthy dollop of humor. I pretty much take the medical competence for granted but of course there was his wealth of knowledge as well. I left the office feeling calmer and more optimistic than I have in months. I felt listened to, heard, respected and nurtured by you all.” – Phoenix Haynes

“That was the most comprehensive interview I ever had with a physician. Thank you for your thoroughness.” – Howard Bryan