FDPC Welcomes Dr. Ponke!

Drs. Jeff Ponke MD & Dan Swartz MD | Family Medicine Physicians at Forest DPC

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is affordable, accessible, comprehensive and personal primary healthcare without the interference of insurance companies, or other third parties. Using a membership model, you get incredible access to your doctor, and most services, for just a monthly fee. Forest Direct Primary Care, or Forest DPC, was the original and first of its kind in the Forest/Lynchburg, VA area. All patients are welcome! No insurance is taken or billed.

Monthly Membership Fees:

  • Adults (single): $85 per month
  • Couples: $145 per month
  • Child (only when a parent is part of the practice): $35 per month
  • Family, up to a total 5 members: $175 per month
  • There is an additional charge of $25 per additional child per month after 5 members, only for dependents up to age 21
  • There is an additional charge of $30 per additional dependent ages 21-25 per month when part of a family
  • One time $85 registration fee per person. Maximum $170 registration fee per family.

Why join Forest DPC?

  • Do you want more time with your doctor?
  • Do you want more proactive than reactive healthcare?
  • Do you wish your doctor was more of a partner?
  • Do you want more access to your doctor when you need it?
  • Do you want to have a clear picture of your healthcare costs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to join Forest DPC.


What we offer more than anything else is time: time to listen, time to ask questions and explain, time to think about problems, time to return phone calls promptly, time to relay test results personally, and time to be there for you and your family when needed. How can we do this? In today’s insurance-driven medical environment, it seems like personalized medicine is available to only a few very “important” people – celebrities, the ultra-wealthy, and politicians. However, by limiting our patient numbers to about one-fourth the size of most medical clinics, we are able to provide thoughtful, caring medical attention in a comfortable, private, and unhurried setting. You will have time and unprecedented access to me as I serve as your personal physician.

Is this financially worth it for you?  

We accept all patients (insured, Medicare, uninsured, etc).  We just don’t bill these third parties. Although you have insurance, you already pay twice! Each clinic visit results in a copay and clinic visit charge.  Some local clinics also charge an additional “facility fee”. Although many clinics now provide “virtual” or “tele-health” visits since the COVID-19 pandemic, each of these also incurs a fee. It is the industry standard to charge separately for clinic procedures in addition to your copay, clinic visit charge, and possible facility fee.  Urgent care visit charges are often higher than clinic visits. All these copays, charges and fees add up! With four visits a year you have paid the same amount as a year of our membership!  In fact, the dirty little secret to health insurance is that “employees will pay an average of $2,487 in out-of-pocket costs, such as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles”.  That article’s price is from 2014, and those prices have only gone up! Since a one year membership for a family up to 5 costs $2,100, you may SAVE money if you have insurance and join our direct primary care practice!


  • Affordable – no copays, unlimited number of visits
  • Accessible – talk directly to your doctor by e-mail, text, or phone
  • Comprehensive – “cradle to grave” care, including a wide range of office procedures
  • Personal – ~600 patients (both nationally and locally it’s ~2,500-3,000 patients for a primary care provider [not always a doctor!])