What is osteopathic manipulation? It’s a precise technique and method using the hands to diagnose and treat back injuries. Very similar to chiropractic care, Dr. Farrago is one of the rare medical doctors who was trained in these techniques and has treated over 15,000 patients using OMT in his career. With your membership in Forest Direct Primary Care, these treatments come free.  However, you HAVE to be a member to receive OMT at Forest DPC.

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Here is what some of our patients are saying about Dr. Farrago and his treatment using osteopathic manipulation:

  •  We started going to Dr. Farrago at Forest DPC in January because we are tired of fighting the insurance battle (we are still fighting claims from over a year ago from other primary care physicians and specialists). As parents, our main concern was to make sure that we could afford good, quality care for our two young children…our own care often came so far down the list of needs that it was overlooked. I have had problems with my hips since the birth of our first child…after the second, it seemed constant. Dr. Farrago recognized (at one of my kids’ sick visits) that my back was bothering me and scheduled our first OMT treatment session before I even left the office. He explained exactly what would happen and checked to make sure that nothing was painful through the whole process. We feel very proud to call Forest Direct Primary Care our medical home and are so lucky that Dr. Farrago and his wonderful staff bring such a high level of expertise to our family! – Jennie Hasbrouck Hammer


  • We’re patients of Dr. Farrago. Barry thinks he injured himself on an exercise machine that caused back, hip, and leg pain that extended to his foot, suffering for nearly a year. Nothing seemed to help. Dr. Farrago worked on Barry’s back and performed targeted stretches in office, then gave him stretching exercises to do at home to work on the specific muscles causing the issues. Within a month of seeing Dr. Farrago and a regimen of the exercises, all of the issues have resolved. Happy campers here! – Melanie Thompson


  • I have endured terrible sciatica since the birth of my daughter, six years ago. Nothing has helped and I had resigned myself to it always hurting. Dr. Farrago explained what osteopathic manipulation is and that he thought it might help. He started stretching the muscle around the sciatic nerve and for the first time I left feeling some relief. He has always explained what he was doing and made sure that it didn’t hurt. He also suggested exercises that I can do at home that have helped. Now I am feeling much better and back to normal. And the treatment has been cost effective. My medical insurance only allows me 4 sick visits a year, with a copay and after that I have to pay 100% of the appointment cost plus the monthly cost of the insurance premium. In January I had an eye infection, a sinus infection and a uti in addition to the sciatic pain. If I had gone to a traditional doctor’s office I would have used the years worth of doctor’s appointments allowed to me in one month. Instead he treated me for all of those issues and scheduled me in for the sciatic manipulation. Dr. Farrago and his staff are exceptional and are more cost effective than going the traditional route. – Lisa Abee Misjuns


  • Dr. Farrago has given me my life back. Due to a serious automobile accident, I had been on a downward spiral of debilitating back pain which has left me at times in such pain that I would literally cry. Each day was becoming a burden and I wasn’t able to enjoy my life. When I had my first OMT, the relief was immediate. With regular treatments, I can now enjoy my life and not feel that my life is over. I am so grateful to Dr. Farrago for his compassion and for anyone reading this who is suffering with back pain, please let Dr. Farrago help you. He is simply amazing! – Sarah Reza


  • Dr. Farrago OMT has eased the back pain I’ve had for years. He told me specifically what he was going to do during the treatment. It was painless and relatively simple. After the first treatment I had incredible “freedom” in my back. “He also initially followed up with me to see how I was doing. I appreicate the care He’s given. – Joanne Hershberger


  • Dr. Farrago did some OMT on me neck/back when I was at the later end of my pregnancy! Amazing work, I was struggling with neck pain and lower back. He took time to stretch my neck/back and adjust. Would recommend to anyone having issues to try this out! – Stormie Lynn Williams


  • He has done my neck and it helps tremendously with migraines – Melissa Ann Slayton


  • I definitely recommend having this done! Relieves tension and helps with migraines. – Kasha Moore